At the International Poultry Exposition 1999 held in Atlanta, GA., USA in January 1999, Caribbean attendees were requested by Mr. Bruce Hanson, then CEO of Gladstone Farms Ltd, The Bahamas and Mr. Robert Levy, then Executive Chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group Ltd to attend a meeting to discuss common issues facing the regional industry.

Present at the meeting were :

          Bruce Hanson , Gladstone Farms Ltd, The Bahamas – Convenor

          Godfrey Eneas, ditto

          Robert Levy, JB Group Ltd, Jamaica – Co-convenor

          Mark Wildish, ditto

          Leon Headley, ditto

          David Lyn, CB Group Ltd., Jamaica

          Dr. Keith Amiel, ditto

          Peter de Freitas, Chickmont Foods Ltd., Barbados

          Vernon Weekes, Pinnacle Feeds Ltd., Barbados

          Carlyle Braithwaite, Barbados Egg & Poultry Producers’ Association

          Fazal Mohammed, WGM Group Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago

          Patrick de Groot, Bounty Farm Ltd., Guyana

          Robert Badal, Guyana Stockfeeds Ltd

          Robin Phillips, Supermix/Arawak Group Ltd, Trinidad & Tobago

          Richard Bovell, Malabar Farms Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago

          Anselm Walters, National Flour/Feed Mills Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago

          Dr. Desmond A. Ali, Business Consultant , Trinidad & Tobago

The major issue raised at the meeting was the threat being posed to the poultry industry in The Bahamas from both legal and illegal imports mainly of leg quarters from the USA.

After much discussion on the trade issue which was a common issue around the table and other common issues, it was decided to form the Caribbean Poultry Association as a body to represent regional poultry and feed producers.

Members agreed on the following:

  • that the CPA would be the regional body representing the poultry industry

  • Membership would be restricted to national poultry associations, poultry and egg farmers, poultry meat and egg processors, feed manufacturers and stakeholders with an interest in the industry.

  • to promote the development, growth and expansion of the CARICOM poultry & feed industries and to encourage the growth and development of economic linkages and Agribusiness in the CARICOM Region through the provision of technical assistance, business guidance, networking, establishment of strategic alliances, economic assistance and service to operators in the poultry industry and associated activities

  • be registered in Jamaica

  • the First President would be Bruce Hanson and the General Manager would be Godfrey Eneas

The CPA was registered as a not-for-profit legal entity in Jamaica by Stephen Virtue who was then the attorney to the JB Group Ltd. The CPA was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance of Jamaica. The Head Office was located at the headquarters of the JB Group at Content, McCooks Pen, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Bankers were Citbank NA, Jamaica.

The incorporation process was fully completed in 2000.

The terms of office for Bruce Hanson ended in 2001 in which year, Fazal Mohammed was elected President and Chairman of the Board.

A new General Manager was selected in early 2002 when Mr. Robert Best was appointed. The position was later changed to Executive Director, which position Mr. Best held until 2009.

The following have served the CPA as President:

          Fazal Mohammed Trinidad & Tobago) – 2001

          Peter de Freitas (Barbados) - 2002

          Robert Levy (Jamaica) - 2003

          Bernhard Bergen (Belize) -2004

          Dr. Keith Amiel (Jamaica) - 2005 &2006

          Vernon Weekes (Barbados) -2007

          Patrick de Groot - 2008

          Peter de Freitas - 2009 & 2010

          Christopher Levy (Jamaica)` - 2011

          Shameer Ronnie Mohammed (Trinidad & Tobago) - 2012 & 2013

          Patrick de Groot (Guyana) - 2014 & 2015

          David Reimer (Belize, President-Elect) - 2016 & 2017

In 2001, the CPA elected to have an Executive Committee of the Board as a decision-making body acting on behalf of the Board and the membership in between Board meetings. This Executive Committee of the Board consists of :

  • The President

  • The President-Elect

  • Honorary Treasurer

  • Honorary Secretary

  • Executive Director

In the 15 years of its existence, the CPA has established a solid reputation as an outstanding private sector association, advocacy group and spokesman for the regional poultry and feeds industries.

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