1.0 The Caribbean Poultry Industry had carried out a series of Caribbean-wide studies in 2005, some of which were carried out by UWI.

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2.0 These studies showed for 2004:

Agricultural Product Ex-factory sales (million USD)
Poultry Meats 410
Table Eggs  60
Sugar 300
Rice 150
Bananas 75


3.0 Since 2004, the Caribbean poultry industry showed the following growth:

2005 +7%
2006 +7.2%
2007 +6.5%
2008 +2.8%
2009 – 2.0%
2010 – 1.5%

We estimate the ex-factory sales for regionally-produced poultry products (meats, table eggs and processed egg products) in 2011 to top out at about US$530 Million.

 4.0  Over the period, there have been new investments in the poultry industry that average >USD12 million per year especially in tunnel-ventilated housing, new feed mills and port facilities and processing plants.

5.0  Since 2004, the production of sugar has declined precipitously in the region

Country 2003(MT) 2010 (MT)
Guyana 331,000 198,000
Jamaica 152,000 145,000
Belize 106,000 <85,000
T&T 67,000 <20,000
Barbados 36,000  <20,000
St. Kitts/Nevis  16,500  <10
TOTAL 708,500  468,010

6.0  Rice production in the region has pretty much remained at a standstill with some expansion in Guyana and in Jamaica.

7.0  At today’s (15 Dec 2014) futures price of US$0.1496/lb on Nymex for #11 sugar for March 2015 delivery, that places the value of sugar at approx. US$157million which makes the poultry industry output more than 3X larger.

8.0  The Caribbean poultry industry employs directly some 132,000 persons, is the largest employer outside the Government of tertiary-trained persons and is a major employer of women and rural persons.

9.0  In fact, the poultry industry is perhaps the largest single contributor to the rural economy and is the largest agribusiness in the CARICOM Region.

10.0          Many industries outside of poultry depend on the poultry sector to remain viable and keep costs down due to the volume created by the poultry sector. We refer to the printing industry, packaging, supply of water tanks, ICT, advertising and other service sectors. These linkages are strong and are growing.

11.0  The Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA) has 18 members in 8Caricom States from Belize to Surinam, 2 Associate members in the USA, and eight members with Observer Status.

12.0  The members of the CPA produce over 75% of the region’s production of poultry meats, table eggs, processed eggs and animal feeds.

13.0  Poultry products in the Caribbean supply >57% of the protein needs of our Caribbean peoples and thus makes a major contribution to nutrition and good health.